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Winter Seminar Series 2016


The Winter Seminar Series in Advances Topics in Computer Science and Engineering will be held on December 28 and 29 in Sharif University of Technology. This is the second year that this conference is organized by Students Scientific Chapter of Computer Engineering Department at Sharif University of Technology with support from Knowledge Diffusion Network. This event takes benefit of the fact that many alumni of the Computer Engineering Department travel to Iran from universities around the world during their Christmas Holidays.

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FIN-ACT 2016

The 3rd FINACT-IRAN Conference on Financial and Actuarial Mathematics was held at School of Mathematics, IPM on August 27-29, 2016. The chair and founder of this conference is Dr. Hirbod Assa, faculty member at University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK. Three years ago, he founded this conference with the objective of bringing together the academic body as well as the practitioners in the fields of financial and actuarial mathematicians to discuss about their challenges and interests. Many Iranian academics and professionals from around the world attend this conference every year. Knowledge Diffusion Network is proud sponsor of this conference.

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Knowledge Diffusion Network is very glad to start a new project, IranForsat. IranForsat is a website that tries to target those people who are thinking of returning to their homeland, Iran, or have already decided to do so. For the first group, IranForsat provides information that let them make a better and more informed decision. For the latter, IranForsat helps them to settle in Iran more smoothly. IranForsat tries to remain an informative website, and does not judge about returning to Iran.

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Nature magazine editorial on neuroscience research in Iran

Nature Magazine
Iran’s long march
Nature 435, 247-248 (19 May 2005)

Scientific excellence can re-emerge in Iran, unless there is political upheaval or further sanctions.

Stories about people who prevail against the odds are always heart-warming, and the tale in this issue of Nature about a group of Iranian neuroscientists is no exception. Such successes have been rare in Iran’s recent history. Over the past few years, however, the country has been investing more public money in science, and nurturing the gradual emergence of a climate in which high-quality research can flourish.

Read the rest of the editorial here.
Also in the same issue, Iranian neuroscience: The brains trust of Tehran

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