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Ali Hajimiri’s Group Designs a Revolutionary Radar Chip

Prof Hajimiri
Caltech’s Information Science and Technology

Ali Hajimiri, an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and his team have used revolutionary design techniques to build the world’s first radar on a chip–specifically, they have implemented a novel antenna array system on a single, silicon chip..

Such a built-in radar system in our cars has long been in the domain of science fiction, as well as wishful thinking on the part of commuters. But such gadgets could become available in the very near future, thanks to the High Speed Integrated Circuits group at the California Institute of Technology.

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Scientific Collaboration between Iran and France

Scientific Collaboration between Iran and FranceThe French embassy in Iran collaborating with Center for International Research & Collaboration (ISMO) has started an initiative to build stronger scientific collaborations between Iran and France through an official procedure. The fields of interest are vast and include Social sciences, Earth Sciences, Transportation, Engineering, and Health Sciences.

More information can be found at the embassy’s website (in French) (English translation by Google) and ISMO’s website (In Persian). There have also been news briefings (in Persian) about this initiative on Iranian news website, ISNA.

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