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Visiting Lecturer Program (237)

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Speaker: Dr. Pooyan Jamshidi
Research Associate
Imperial College London

Title: Fuzzy Self-Learning Controllers for Elasticity Management in Dynamic Cloud Architectures
Local Organizer: Dr. Mehdi Ghatee
Time: Monday, April 11, 2016, 13:30
Location: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Amirkabir University of Technology

Cloud controllers support the operation and quality management of dynamic cloud architectures by automatically scaling the compute resources to meet performance guarantees and minimize resource costs. Existing cloud controllers often resort to scaling strategies that are codified as a set of architecture adaptation rules. However, for a cloud provider, deployed application architectures are black-boxes, making it difficult at design time to define optimal or pre-emptive adaptation rules. Thus, the burden of taking adaptation decisions often is delegated to the cloud application. We propose the dynamic learning of adaptation rules for deployed application architectures in the cloud. We introduce FQL4KE, a self-learning fuzzy controller that learns and modifies fuzzy rules at runtime. The benefit is that we do not have to rely solely on precise design-time knowledge, which may be difficult to acquire. FQL4KE empowers users to configure cloud controllers by simply adjusting weights representing priorities for architecture quality instead of defining complex rules. FQL4KE has been experimentally validated using the cloud application framework ElasticBench in Azure and OpenStack. The experimental results demonstrate that FQL4KE outperforms both a fuzzy controller without learning and the native Azure auto-scaling.