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Visiting Lecturer Program (287)

Speaker:  Dr. Mehrdad Gharib Shirangi


PhD from Stanford University

Title: closed-loop field development optimization


Time: Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 14:30

Location: Amphitheater, Engineering Faculty, Gorgan University, Shahid Beheshti Ave., Gorgan, Golestan Province,  Iran


In this work, we develop and apply a general methodology for optimal closed-loop field development (CLFD) under geological uncertainty. CLFD involves three major steps: optimizing the field-development plan on the basis of current geological knowledge; operation for some time period, and collecting new spatial data and production data; and updating multiple geological models on the basis of all the available data. In the optimization step, the objective is to maximize expected (over multiple realizations) net present value (NPV) of the overall project. History matching is accomplished with an adjoint-gradient-based “randomized maximum likelihood” procedure. The CLFD methodology is applied to example cases. Results show that the use of CLFD increases the NPV for the “true” (synthetic) model by 10 to 70% relative to that achieved by optimizing over a large number of prior realizations