Webinar Program

Webinar Program (web-based seminar) is a program launched by KnowDiff in 2008 where seminars are conducted over the Internet.

How does it work?
Our webinar announcements are posted in the KnowDiff website. You can register as a Group or Individual Audience in the website. Once you register, you will receive a Google Hangout link and a YouTube link depending on whether you are a Group or Individual Audience.

Like most webinars, the presenter and the audience both connect via internet and the presenter makes his/her presentation remotely. Each presentation takes 20 to 60 minutes and follows with 10 to 15 minutes Q&A. Questions are moderated by the Coordinator. The presentations can also be watched later on YouTube.

What is a circle?
The webinars are moderated in different circles. Each circle involved people whose research interest is close. For instance, the community of people who work on “Quantum information and quantum computation” make the QI circle.
Each circle has a coordinator that organizes the events and moderates and facilitates the webinars.
The audience are often the research groups in Iran. People usually get together in a classroom or seminar room and the webinar is presented using a video projector.
Individuals can also access the webinar live on our website or on youtube.

Who can be a coordinator?
The coordinators are often experts in a specific field who volunteer to create a new circle in their own area of expertise. These events clearly help people expand their networks and more importantly, assists the research community in Iran to keep up with the updates in a lot of new fields.
If you are interested in initiating your own circle, please fill this form.