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Amid recent progress, Iran is still far behind in science

In an article published this week in Nature magazine, the scientific impact of nations has been compared among 31 countries that in total generate 98 percent of the world’s scientific papers. Among the listed countries, Iran ranks 30th, just above the country of Luxemburg with population 460,000. Iran produced 4813 papers in the period of 1997-2001, which is 0.13 percent of the world’s total production. In terms of citations, Iran shows even a poorer track record. Articles published by Iranian authors recieved only 0.06 percent of total citations. Even though the numbers are very low compared to the other countries on the list, Iran has shown rapid growth in recent years. The number of papers generated in Iran increased by more than 100 percent from the period of 1993-1997 to 1997-2001

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Upcoming Conferences

10th Conference on Fluid Dynamics
Oct 31-Nov 2, 2006
Yazd, Iran

Second IPM International Workshop on Plasma Dynamics
Dec 18-22, 2006
Tehran, Iran

13th Iranian Conference on Optics & Photonics
Feb 6-8, 2007
Tehran, Iran

The 8th Conference on Condensed Matter and 2nd Conference on Vacuum
Feb 14-15, 2007
Mashhad, Iran

Past Conferences

The Annual Physics Conference of Iran
Aug 28-31, 2006
Shahroud, Iran

IPM School & Conference on Lepton and Hadron Physics
May 15 – 20, 2006
Tehran, Iran

13th Spring Theoretical Physics Conference
May 3-5, 2006
Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Tehran, Iran

IPM String School and Workshop
April 10 – 19, 2006
Tehran – Iran

Astronomical Data Reduction & Analysis
Jan 15-29, 2006

10th Conference on Physics Education in Iran

Nov 15-17, 2005
Rasht, Iran

Summer School on the Phenomenological Aspects of the Elementary Particle Physics
Sep 5-8, 2005
Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM), Tehran, Iran

1st Inernational Workshop on Photonic Crystals
August 30-Sep 1, 2005
Mashhad, Iran

The Annual Physics Conference of Iran
August 29-Sep 1, 2005
Khoramabad, Iran

11th annual IASBS meeting on condensed matter physics
May 26-27, 2005
Zanjan, Iran

12th Spring Theoretical Physics Conference
May 11-12, 2005
Tehran, Iran

9th Conference on Fluid Dynamics
Mar 7-9, 2005
Shiraz, Iran

Fifteenth Iranian Conference on Optics and Photonics
Feb 2-3, 2005
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

The 7th Conference on Condenced Matter Physics
Jan 25-26, 2005
Tehran, Iran

IPM String School and Workshop
January 5-14, 2005
Qeshm Island, Iran

Fifth National Symposium on Cosmology
Dec 2, 2004
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

The International College on Optics of Liquid Crystal & Polymers (OLCP 2004)
September 4-10,2004 (Shahrivar 14-20, 1383)
Tabriz, Iran

Annual Physics Conference of Iran
University of Water and Electricity Industry (Shahid Abbaspour)
August 23-26, 2004 (Shahrivar 2-5, 1383)
Tehran, Iran

Workshop on Quantum Computing
Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM)
August 1-5, 2004
Tehran, Iran

Statistical Physics of Complex Fluids STATPHYS22 Satellite Meeting
June 27-July 1, 2004
Zanjan, Iran

International Summer School on Soft and Biological Matter
June 5-25, 2004
Zanjan, Iran

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Upcoming Conferences

The First Internatioanl Marketing Management Conference
Sep 4-5, 2006
Tehran, Iran

The 2nd National Conference on Logistics & Supply Chain
Nov 20-21, 2006
Tehran, Iran

3rd International Project Management Conference
Feb 20-21, 2007
Tehran, Iran

Urban Planinng & Management
Feb 21-21
Mashad, Iran

Past Conferences

Future studies, technology and vision of development
May 24-26, 2006
Tehran, Iran

Second International Project Management Conference
Feb 28-Mar 1, 2006

Third International Management Conference
Dec 20-22, 2005
Tehran – Iran

Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce Research Conference
Dec 13-14, 2005
Tehran, Iran

International Physical Asset Management Conference
August 15-18, 2005
Tehran, Iran

First International Project Management conference
Mar 2-5, 2005
Tehran, Iran

2nd Iranian conference on Science and Technology Parks and Incubators
March 1-3, 2005
Mashad, Iran

Seminar on Science and Technology Policy of the Nation
Feb 16, 2005
Tehran, Iran

The First Iranian National Conference On Logistics & Supply Chain
Feb 14-15, 2005
Tehran, Iran

The first International Conference on Airtransport Industries Management
Jan 19-20, 2005
Kish Island, Iran

The First International Conference of Information & Communication Technology Management
Dec 29, 2004
Tehran, Iran

International Management Conference
Dec 21-23, 2004
Tehran, Iran

The Second National Conference on Value Engineering
Dec 1-2, 2004
Tehran, Iran

The 3rd Biannual Conference on Economics of Iran
Dec 1-2, 2004
Tarbiat Modares Univeristy, Tehran, Iran

Conference on Knowledge and Technology Development
Nov 16-18, 2004
Tehran, Iran

First national conference on e-Business
Oct 10-11, 2004
Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

The Conference of Geohazards, Natural Disasters and Methods of Confronting with Them
Sep 27-29, 2004
Tabriz, Iran

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* List of Mathematics conferences and gatherings in Iranian Mathematical Society website

Upcoming Conferences

37 Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference (AIMC)
Sep 2-5, 2006
Tabriz, Iran

Ordinary differential equations & inverse ordinary differential equations problem
Nov 27, 2006
Qazvin, Iran

Past Conferences

International Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry

Sep 11-22, 2005
IPM, Tehran, Iran

36 Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference (AIMC)

Sep 10-13, Yazd, Iran

The 9th International Conference on Algebraic Hyperstructures and Its Applications (AHA 2005)
Sep 1-7, 2005
Babolsar, Iran

School on Grobner Bases and Applications
July 9-22, 2005
Zanjan, Iran

IPM – POLYTECHNIQUE – WPI Workshop on Bioinformatics and Biomathematics
Apr 11-21, 2005
Tehran, Iran

15th Seminar on Mathematical Analysis & Its Applications
Mar 9-10, 2005
Zahedan, Iran

35th Annual Conference in Mathematics
Jan 22-26, 2005
Ahvaz, Iran

Third Seminar on linear Algebra and its Applications & Operator Inequalities Workshop
Dec 25-29, 2004
Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran

International Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs
Dec 5-16, 2004
IPM, Tehran, Iran

14th Seminar on Mathematical Analysis & Its Applications
Feb 4 & 5, 2004
Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

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